Event Schedule

Laurie Hernandez @ SSGA Gymnastics Saturday, July 29 @ 22 Reservoir Park Dr, Rockland, MA 02370

Each fundraiser may bring up to 2 parents to the event.  Each fundraiser may bring ONE ITEM to be autographed by Laurie.

Final fundraising totals. Experiences you’ve won and incentives won will be updated and added to the event schedule.  PLEASE CHECK BACK

Please arrive 30 minutes early to your first activity to check in.

Everyone raising $125 will receive an event wristband.  Everyone who raised at least $500 will receive an event poster at check in.

If you earned an extra guest, the extra guest will receive all incentives up to the $500 level, can watch the clinic(s), will meet Laurie for pictures and an autograph and attend the Q&A.

Your name will appear under all contests that you have won. If you have any questions, please use the Contact tab.

The following people have won an extra guest as of July 23, 2017: Jalysa Facey, Riley Deveney, Alex Clifford



9:00 am-Greeters for Laurie Hernandez!  Madison Burke (Walk Laurie to her room), Lola Roukous (Walk Laurie to her room), Lexi McDonald, Jessica Mabb, Natalie Frank, Jalysa Facey, Riley Deveney, Zora Cover

9:10 am-VIP Meet & Greet with Laurie:  Mila Broadmeadow, Ella Broadmeadow, Taylor Mendes, Grace Whiting

9:25 am-Rio Round Table with Laurie for all fundraisers raising $3,000:  as of 7/23: Jalysa Facey. Riley Deveney

9:35 am-The following people will meet Laurie and receive her book, I Got This.  Laurie will autograph her book for you!  Riley Randolph, Keira Mendosa, Jalysa Facey, Olivia Murphy, Ava Orlandi, Olivia LaBonte, Sophia Orlandi

9:45 am-5 private minutes:  Riley Deveney, Giuliana DeBell

9:55 am: Video Shout Out!  Riley Randolph, Keira Mendosa, Jalysa Facey

10:00 am-Clinic 1 for all gymnasts who raised $125 or more. Check back for your clinic placement.

10:40 am: Clinic 2 for all gymnasts who raised $125 or more.  Check back for your clinic placement.

11:30 am-Perform routine for Laurie:  Alex Cifford, Mia Mangini, Jalysa Facey, Carmel Levin, Riley Deveney, Lauren Fusco, Natalie Frank

11:45 am: Mental Blocks with Laurie!  Riley Deveney, Maggie Hardy

Lola Roukous, Payton Nolan, Jalysa Facey, Lauren Fusco, Mila Broadmeadow

12:00 pm-Pictures & Autographs with Laurie!  Each fundraiser may bring any ONE item to be autographed and pose for one photo.  Parents please bring your camera to take a picture while your fundraiser is meeting Laurie!

12:45 pm-Q&A with Laurie!

CERTIFICATE WINNERS as of July 23, 2017:  Jalysa Facey, Riley Deveney, Alex Clifford,  Kate Bellerby, Lola Roukous, Giuliana DeBello, Cristina Trudo, Taylor Mendes

SELFIE WINNERS:  Jalysa Facey, Kate Bellerby, Vanessa Horne, Taylor Mendes, Lacy Worrall, Margie Hardy, Riley Deveney, Kaitlyn Walsh

DANCE WITH LAURIE!    *Kate Bellery (Next to Laurie) *Lauren Fusco (Next to Laurie), Lola Roukous, Katalina Chipman, Cherrish Remy, Ella Broadmeadow, Mila Broadmeadow, Riley Randoulph, Jessica Mobb, Olivia Murphy, Christina Trudo, Jalysa Facey, Riley Agnew, Alex Clifford, Ava Adams, Alexandra Lara

1:30 pm-The TOP 30 overall fundraisers attend a private clinic with Laurie.  Check this website under TOP 30 for a list of winners!

2:10 pm-Lunch with Laurie-The top 10 overall fundraisers and 2 parents attend lunch with Laurie.  Any extra guests attending will sit at the parents table.  Only the top 10 fundraisers will sit at the head table with Laurie.

2:30 pm-Official event photo as of July 20: Jalysa Facet

Register TODAY and raise $250 to spend a day with Laurie Hernandez at SSGA on Saturday, July 29! Register here